Leading from Within: Our Story is Our Style

Thank you for visiting our Leading from Within (LW) resource page. Here you will find everything you need to begin to craft your own leadership story and begin your path to achieving your goals.


To begin your leadership story, you’ll need to do a little homework. By filling out the following questionnaire you will create the framework (and drivers) for your plan.

The answers to these questions will provide the basis of your leadership story. A formal “Prologue” will be delivered to you upon submission.

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The LW Journal:

As leaders we all like to set annual goals. However, these goals often get pushed to the back-burner as the reality of everyday life takes over. The LW Journal takes your leadership story from the pages of your prologue to reality. It is a simple approach to creating realistic goals and tracking them daily.

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LW Resources:

If you recently attended one of our sessions, then you were presented with a number of amazing resources. Hopefully you had time to jot them all down. If not, we’ve taken the time to list them below:

  • Your Fuel Chart: This chart will allow you to identify five pivotal moments within your life that provide you with inspiration.

  • Golden Personality Profiler: This assessment allows you to identify your leadership strengths, potential blind spots and how you work within your team. Click here to take the assessment now or email Brian at Brian@dialogueshop.com for a discount code. (Please note Brian Riggs is a certified administrator of the GPP)

  • The Books You Heard About (and others you’ll love):

    • Give and Take by Adam Grant: In Adam Grant's Give and Take, he identifies three types of people: givers, matchers, and takers. Givers are the selfless ones. Matchers are the quid pro quo group, and takers are the selfish ones. Conventional wisdom tells us takers get ahead, but in Grant's research, givers rise to the top more frequently.

    • The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma: A modern fable on achieving success in business and in life.

Work With Us

We help individuals, teams and organizations craft their “tomorrow version” of their story. Click here if you are interested in scheduling a quick call to discuss how we can co-author a plan.